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Filtered Stream of Consciousness 8/13/15

“I’m too comfortable with Houston.”

I applied for out-of-state paid internship. The road trip I think about. The sights. It won’t be as chaotic as the Goofy Movie, a childhood movie.

I don’t want the relief of not getting into the program and not being required to drive across states. I want to get OUT. The Spirituality and Sacred talk made me think. It will be a pilgrimage to look forward to, and eventually, back on.

Texted off to a flyer about a videography opportunity. “I am a current UH filmmaker student with a car. Please send more info about the videography.”

I should have revised it as

“I am a current UH filmmaker student with a car, I can send resume if necessary.” It’s more direct and on the point, and set on proving myself rather than prying into him.

It’s really disconcerting to me personally that I have to send back too, “avaliability depends on location of shoot.” Because I don’t have the mental constitution at the moment. It’s for my own safety and others. Parallel parking is a nightmare especially

Deadline can kill slowly like a pot with a frog in lukewarm water

I want to do essay on Hunchback of Notre Dame but oh what the topic? It has a “higher from a spectatorship” according to one Artifice writer. Captivating writer.

POEM of the DAY

The glow the flickers,

The glowing square,


No kiddo, you can’t survive

with knowing half the XYZs


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