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Houston Film Industry Meetup Oct 2015

At the Houston Industry October, 13 2015 Meetup

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Rudyard’s Pub has a comfy spaciness on the second floor. I have gone to one Meetup months ago when the meetups were held at the Fox and Hound. And the Industry Meetup got its own space reserved upstairs. Jackpot.

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We get UPSTAIRS to ourselves! A luxury! WOO HOO!

The crunchy breaded-cheesesticks side-dish was gooey-pleasure, worth the four dollars. The cheese filling was so sturdy that I could dangle a strand from my teeth.

Seriously, the cheesestick is so sturdy that it dangles from my teeth.

Seriously, I could let go of it and it would dangle from there

Me vs. Mozarella stick Break, goddammit

Me vs. Mozarella stick
Break, goddammit.

The great thing in a meeting place for creative minds is witnessing their personalities play out.

  • One notable guy is the animator (and very animated) David Rowe (sp?) who’s delightfully bombastic in his stage mannerisms. I told him he would be great at making pitches. I begged him to do his Gollum impression for my Instagram.
  • I also met director Pam Worthington who has a SWAMP-funded documentary project known as “Quiet Storm Reform.” The way she pitched it makes a social conscious activist heart grow even bigger than it already is.
  • Stacey Moultrie, a sweet woman who’s set out to pitch/promote the scripts of her deceased friend.

This is the haven for screenwriters, composers, documentarians, editors, those who know Motion, those who are figuring Motion…

Note to self: Get business cards to exchange. Not so professional to write your info on sticky notes.


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