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Force Awakens 3rd Trailer Poetic Response

Now for something completely different. If I can do food inspired poetry, why not? If people can do video trailer reaction, why not articulate myself through fragments of language known as poetry.

The hyped-tease

I recall the blind, naive idolatry of

viewing prequels first

I could be excused

I was born into the era of the Phantom Menace’s premiere

Eight grade, Star Wars became my oxygen

a shrine to gaze upon

the stimulation for my mental playground

the vroom of waltzing lightsabers, my rhythm



college cinematic education de-sensitized me from all affection

Then the announcement of the Lucas-free continuation

and my cynical,

“I recall when I would have rejoiced at the news”

apathetic about the million of cries,

silenced by awe,

and the skyrocketing Youtube viewing numbers of teases


Trailer two, the peak of Ford’s mug

stirs a slumber

Out pops the third trailer,

to unlock the slumbering galaxies in my heart

and permit free reign

in my universe once more.

free reigns

once more…


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