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Low donation turnout reflects lack of active writespace at UH

That Saturday on Nov. 8, the Glass Mountain on University of Houston held a Write-a-thon, a marathon that involves writing instead of jogging. Visitors were welcome to write anything—Your essay assignment, fiction, theater script, screenplays, fanfiction. It was set up deliberately to acquire donations for the annual Boldface Writing Conference in late May as well as have a mixing and mingling space during National Novel Writing Month.

This year had a high turnout of attendees but surprisingly little donations, even less so than last year. The goal is to make the Boldface Conference more affordable to attendees. This is precisely important because Boldface has been known to be affordable, compared to other renowned conferences that are in the thousands.

We do boast a strong writing community. We have poetry and prose readings from Alethia and Glass Mountain student magazines. But what I’m referring to is a writespace where a community can, you guess it, can write together. I mean something monthly – even weekly if doable – rather than the typical once-a-year marathon. I’m not saying as fancy as this Write-a-thon where raffles were head and things auctioned off, but at least something substantial. We need a place to exchange business cards and find new LinkedIn connections with fellow writers. We an atmosphere to feel less lonely when writing.

UH needs a hero. Someone needs to set up a community and find the right people for it. A monthly writespace, maybe even weekly. The first thought is that I could be that messiah, but I’m too bogged with school work and my graduation.

We keep writing. But we could use a bigger active community.

Also, if anyone cares, forward the donation link below. I hope the 2016 Boldface isn’t so expensive for everyone. And no, I’m not referring to myself as a usual attendee. I hear too many friends lament, “Wish I could afford writing camp.”


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