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Hypothetical tornadoes: Flight Delayed to LA

Precious time gone.

“Flight delayed to 12:50.”

“Flight delayed to 1:30.”

“Flight delayed to 2:30.”

“Flight delayed to 4:00”

Hypothetical tornadoes in Houston are the worst. No, not as awful as an actual tornado, but it’s an inconvenience. Time suckered away, into a whirlwind of oblivion, the things I could do in Los Angeles, the new ice creams and cakes, the new sandwiches, the L.A. friend waiting for me, the friend who has a difficult work schedule and figuring out how to spend time with me and sad we couldn’t spend it at the LACMA, but she assured me that getting coffee together was possible.


Spent a little on Wendy’s fries and a breakfast taco, fighting off the temptation to get more expensive food like Lo Mein (yeah, I’m a sucker for stomach-churning Chinese noodles) or pasta.

Arghhhhhh, flight delayed.

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