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On Los Angeles Grounds (At Last)

Los Angeles traffic, comparable to the severity of Houston’s, competing for my traffic frustrations. L.A. is somewhere between the traffic spectrum severity of Houston and the chaotic aggressive roller-coaster taxis of New York City.

It’s 6:00pm by the time I’m on L.A. grounds and hop into a Super Shuttle. All the time to meet my friend Miriam had drained out for the day. So I compensate for lost friend time by chatting with the stranger on the same seat with me. Maybe I’d find a new Facebook friend.

The stranger next to me is Ann, a science writer on her way to a conference. She’s a doll who thinks that me living under my mom’s roof is “sweet” and not a shameful situation.

I tell her, “We need science more than ever. With Houston winters getting hotter, and we know why they’re getting hotter but not many people are willing to admit why.”

“Yes, we do need science.”

Anthony, another passenger joins in, “Is it ok to just call it global warning?” Oooo, the G-word.

I say farewell to Ann when she leaves. As she climbs out, I brush her shoulder, hoping for a hug, but too late, she goes out of reach. I call out farewell.

I am the final passenger in the Super Shuttle, leaving me the momentary luxury of staring at Los Angeles lights without being cramped. Then I make it to the living/workspace Podshare on Cosmo Street. So I learned of the Podshare existence on this Buzzfeed video, and wanted to experience this cost-effective millennial social living. Though the Shuttle deposits me at the wrong entrance, an apartment complex, so I had to walk to the building next to there.

Given that I claimed the final bed available (“You full-booked us”), I got stuck with the loft above the tiny recording studio. This is an ideal time to face my fear of heights and resurrect my limited rock climbing education.

So this is where I’m sleeping. Not inside, but on top. I hope I don’t roll off in my sleep.

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The rest of the Podshare is pleasantly spacey, community breakfast cabinet of cereal (wow, free continental breakfast), a big private bathroom, and I see my neighbors snoozing from across the room.

In L.A., I have to climb a ladder to get to and out of bed.

The view from up there.

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