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Thanks ADHD: Forgot Nearly $30 Whole Food Groceries

Eating two scoops of cookie dough ice cream for breakfast was the worst idea. Consumption of sweets has had an affect on my function, driving my anxiety and depression to levels of turmoil. It can weigh me down into inactivity or numb up my interest in life.

This evening, I ventured a few blocks down to the Harlem Whole Food, looking forward to  restocking on pasta and meats (I was undergoing a protein craving). I remember pulling out a cart, exploring the aisles, comparing the whole grain linguini with normal linguini (okay, which will benefit me more), and then I stood at the check-out line, frustrated that a lady stole my spot on cash register 4.

I remembered that the bag was heavy and I couldn’t wait to get home. Then I saw I was walking down the wrong street. Where was the Apollo Theater? Where was the Marshall? That McDonalds sure don’t look familiar. I corrected my direction.

And then as I lugged the bag upstairs to my apartment, I was ready to throw myself on bed…

Only to find that my pasta, chicken broth, and grape juice had vanished. I brought home about $20 of the $50 groceries.

Damn it. Damn me. ADHD can provoke my “just get it over it” eagerness when I left the Whole Food building. I missed that I was supposed to take home a second bag.

Having a bout of the headache-dullness of depression that day, I was tempted to just call it a day and throw myself on bed. But that meant accepting loss. And this also meant depriving my roommates of our community food supply.

So, with the receipt, I had to make a second trip to Whole Foods under the hot sun. Luckily, the cash register recognized me and kindly pointed me to the customer service line, where I stood for ten minutes tapping my foot. Next thing I knew, I was lugging an additional heavy bag of $30 groceries home.

The Morals of This Story

  • Double-check groceries.
  • To reduce the carrying load while keeping my pantry stocked, I have to plan out multiple Whole Foods trip, scattered through the week. Just bring home a juice on Monday, a carton of eggs on Wednesday, maybe cilantro and raw chicken on Friday.
  • Using the HANDHELD BASKET instead of the CART would gauge better if I could functionally lug stuff home without ripping at my shoulders. Using a cart with its high capacity would make me greedily just scoop products that weigh more than me.
  • I need to workout, lift dumbbells.

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