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Literary Writers Conference Day 1: Sneaking a Star Wars Fanfiction Pitch to Literary Agents

Thank goodness for student discount for the Literary Writers Conference, run by CLMP.

Note to self: My practice YA query letter “ meet Rashomon meets Sound and the Fury” really threw the literary agents off. They rightfully insisted on the obvious: Um, what YA reader would even know the Akira Kurosawa and William Faulkner titles? 

What I didn’t tell the literary agents was that my practice query letter contained a pitch for a Star Wars fanfiction, since I had no finished manuscript. And to add to that, I plan on converting that fanfiction into an original piece. But I haven’t even finished said Star Wars fanfic.

I contemplated pitching the fanfiction premise for the speed-dating with two agents session, but decided to share my old dystopia fiction idea instead–which only has a first chapter draft. Turned out, even though both agents liked the premise, they didn’t do speculative/sci-fic, so I pitched a memoirish piece with Buddhist iconography. When you get an agent’s business card handed to you, you know you’ve done something right.

Things to do:

  • Freakin’ edit my hypothetical query letter
  • Finish my Star Wars fanfiction
  • For that matter, convert Star Wars fanfiction into that planned original piece
  • Actually finish the manuscript of my memoir

Also, ran into an old University of Houston classmate.


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