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Follow my CampNanowri2018 Progress Here

For the month of April, I am diving into Campnanowri2018.

Main Novella/Novel Project: Time-traveling romantic comedy

The Goal:

  • 500+ words per day of a novella project on “active days”  on Clear Days, school/job-free days are clearly in the free for me to produce 500 words with a clear head. They can optionally be completed on job/school days if sufficient time is attained.
  • One conceptual song/poem for a conceptual libretto that’s a loose adaptation of the novella work itself, whether or not it’s a school/joy day.

Poem Manuscript:

  • Edit one existing poem/work on new poem every morning

Script Projects:

  • Occasional: Work on one short play daily, whether it’s a small tweak or a new page or scene. Current play focus: “Lilaca.”
  • Ongoing: Working on conceptual screenplay Reagan.

Everyday, I will post writing samples and note my progress.


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