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Day 17 #Campnanowrimo: Back in the momentum (mostly)

Going to run off to school, but I scheduled this post to come out. Gotta stay in the momentum flow. 

“ADHD Time” Travel Conceptual Libretto Scene/Song:

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 10.37.22 AM.png 

Poetry Revision/Poetry Add On:

 Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 10.42.26 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 10.43.03 AM.png

“Lilaca Play” Progress:

 Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 10.44.05 AM.png

Twitter Haiku:

Other Milestones: Posting this Star Wars experimental fanfiction last night. 

The Tomorrow Plan:

  • 500 words “ADHD Time Travel” Novella Draft
  • “ADHD Time Travel” Conceptual Libretto Scene/Song
  • Poetry Revision/Poetry Add On
  • “Lilaca” Play Progress
  • “Reagan” screenplay


Things I Could Do To Make My Life Better: Go to school earlier


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