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Day 25 #campnanowrimo: Happy Handmaid’s Tale Day, Have A Margaret Atwood Meme

In honor of Hulu’s Handmaid’s Tale premiering its second season, have this goofy writing meme I made.

Atwood 101.jpg

It’s a school day, so I will be stuffed.  Not much progress on other stuff. But hey, at least I composed a new poem titled “A Touch of Colonialism In My Accent.”

Twitter Haiku:

Misc. Progresses:

  • Critics Academy application
  • A theatre lab application
  • Seeing the movie Disobedience at Tribeca.

Future Plans:

  • 500 words “ADHD Time Travel” Novella Draft
  • “ADHD Time Travel” Conceptual Libretto Scene/Song
  • Poetry Revision/Poetry Add On
  • “Lilaca” Play Progress
  • “Reagan” screenplay
  • Comedy Sketches

Things I Could Do To Make My Life Better: Find new roommates.


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