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At New York Comic Con: Comic Writing Is Totally Doable For Terrible Drawer Like Me

With collaborating artist Maria Guerra, I am designing a comic about two women seeking to escape Hell.

The misconception that stuck with me was that because I can’t draw (unless you want squiggly doodles or stick people) was that I could never do comics. Bits of comic education proved me wrong when a New School masterclasses showed me that I could write for images, even if I could not produce these images. It’s a matter of collaborating.

Now at New York Comic Con, I immersed myself in the community of comic writers and artists, boosting my confidence so much I even forgot my depression at times.

Comic writer Buddy Scalera gave great pointers at his speed networking event. And he gave us free markers!

I got a great run down of activism in comics from Charles Brownstein of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. It boosts my confidence in saying what I want in the comic medium.

I have been interacting with plenty of comic book artists and writers at New York Comic Con. Marjorie Liu of the Monstress series wrote to me, “May all your dreams come true!”

Thank you Miss Liu, I will.


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