A Queer Vietnamese-Houstonian-New Yorker Writer musing about the arts and absurdities when not screenwriting or playwrighting

The Personal Me

Greetings, I am a Vietnamese-Houstonian Earthling with a fondness for Star Wars and pasta and all things sci-fic and fabulist. When I’m not angsting over her first poetry manuscript or a pilot screenplay about space samurais, I’m doing cheesy improv performances for BETA Theater, experimenting with ramen noodles, or writing comedy scripts for the Houston Film House. I have proudly interned for Bechdel Films as an Assistant Editor for the documentary The Transplant Games and done videography and editing for BETA Theater.

I possess quite the heart for editing and critiquing, with a brain quick to deliver paragraphs of feedback and recommendations for improvement. I can get a little prescriptive in my critiques but I stick as close to the original authorial intents as possible.

My columns and poems have popped up on The Cougar, Mosaics: The Independent Women Anthology, Glass Mountain, Out Loud Culture, Birth Death Movies, and Aletheia. A flash fiction recently earned an Honorable Mention title in Sweater Weather magazine (boasting rights, ha!). When I’m not getting published by others, I’m publishing my own flash fics on my causal free-breeze Tumblr.

I have contributed satirical pieces with the headlines for The Cougar, Insight News and Humanity Death Watch with compelling headlines like “Students say ‘meh’ to Zombie Apocalypse.”

Aspirations in life include:

  • Becoming the next Margaret Atwood
  • Mastering geekspeak
  • Devouring all the good Netflix stuff
  • Mugging people with tickets to Hamilton.




2 Responses to “The Personal Me”

  1. Lynn Grasberg

    HI! I just read your review of Handmaid’s Tale. I haven’t seen this version yet, but I love your writing and sense a kindred spirit in your point of view. I am finishing the first draft of a comedy screenplay and would like to find a way to work with you. I cannot afford your rates for reviewing it. Are there any other possibilities?
    Lynn Grasberg

    Here’s my current logline: When a call center rep gets zapped with a Super Power, she infects her coworkers with the ability to hear distant words and unspoken thoughts with hilarious results. But can her team activate in time to save the abusive and mismanaged company that employs them?


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