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Writing & Scripting Services

Rates are negotiable. I understand that in this turbulent economy where tuition and textbooks are mad high, rent is steep, utility bills are piling up, and freelancers are struggling for fairness in pay (and deserving of respect). So you can message me your circumstances–your sob story–and I’ll work out a discount. 

Note: I measure “one-page” by the standard Microsoft Word, Times New Roman, double-spaced, 12-font size format.


  • Bachelors of English-Creative Writing at the University of Houston, has 4 years worth of writing workshop experience and quick feedback-giver.
  • Bachelors of Communication-Media Production at the University of Houston
  • Highly-rated League City tutor on Wyzant for editing and writing coaching services, from grade school to college-level
  • Columnist for Indiewire, Birth Movies DeathThe Mary Sue, and The Script Lab
  • Writer of this “Our Vision” profile and copywriter for Artist 365
  • Editor for the Industrial Info Resource-Sugar Land
  • Juried Poet of 2016 Houston Poetry Festival
  • WeeCare substitute teacher

In-Person/Skype Writing Coach

$35 consultations per hour

Critique and Editing for Prose

$10 per page

$60 1-page critiques for 1-9 pages

$80 1-page critiques for 10-15 pages

Critique and Editing for Poetry

$30 per full page of poetry

Developmental/Substantive Editing

$60 per hour


$40 per 1,000 words

Pitches/Blurb for Books/Film

$100 per 150-200 words

Ghostwriting (Bios, profiles, blog posts)

$100 per 500 words

Screenplay Consultation 

For 1-page critique of overall contents

  • $45 for short films under 15 pages
  • $90 for short films over 15-50 pages
  • $180 for 50-100 pages
  • $250 for over 100 pages

Screenplay Adaptation of Prose

Short Story-length

  • $200 for short stories adaptation (up to 30 pages)
  • $1000 for ghostwritten short story adaptation


  • $1500 for novel adaptation (over 100 pages)
  • $3000 for ghostwritten novel adaptation

For page-by-page editing and comments-in-the-margins

  • $10 per page

Let us work together!





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